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Short stories, memoirs. Ben and his next-door-neighbor Dave relied on a solemn oath, Sweardagod, to differentiate between truth and fiction. Dave assured his friend that swearing to a lie would assuredly earn him "an eternity in Hell sitting in vomit and dog poop!" Honoring that boyhood vow, all of these tales are true. Just consider the whole poop thing and suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy real stories from a somewhat misspent youth.

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A novel. Two households with two professional baseball coaches, two moms, six teenagers, one gospel church, three vehicles, softball, ballet, swimming, piano, baseball and something called Twist & Twirlers, all scheduled down to the hour on a plastic wall calendar in the kitchen. And then the wheels fall off.

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Books by Ben Sherman

Sherman's first book, self-published, for use in his training and consulting practice. These stories helped individuals and teams unlock participation and expression. Each of them has a message delivered in Ben's typical down-to-earth, light, humorous style.

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An historic fiction. This is how the magic happened, and it wasn't always charming, but the destractions only crystalized the spirit and determination of those who came together to present something truly extraordinary. Sherman directed the first Main Street Electrical Parade. Historical fiction, based on the true story.


This is the true story of Ben's experience from his first failed attempts with his draft board through a brief horrific stint as a field medic in the Vietnam War. This self-published book was picked up by Random House and has sold over fifty thousand copies in mass market paperback format. It can be ordered at any bookstore for $7.95. Hard bound copies, in limited supply, are available only through this site.

A Presidio Press Book, published by Random House

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Short stories, memoirs. From laughter to tears, from silliness to poignancy, from barely believable to wholly peculiar, Rascal romps through the anecdotes of a guy who has witnessed the absurd, outlandish, and humorous. He fondly shares them all. This is Ben Sherman's fourth book, his third of short stories, each collection as exceptional as the previous.

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