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His stories are true and remarkable. Ben Sherman's career began at age fourteen as a door-to-door magazine salesboy. In high school, he moved on to ushering at an upscale movie theater. In college, he added a myriad of part time jobs like gardener, swimming pool cleaner, picker at a retail warehouse, truck driver, sandwich maker, busboy and dishwasher. He sold ads for the student newspaper and worked in the college cafeteria. He was also a costumed character at Disneyland. Interrupted by two years of service in the army, Ben returned to the "Magic Kingdom" where he earned successive promotions ending as manager of the character and special events departments and the first director of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

After completing his masters degree, Ben served as a college administrator for Chapman University and Southwestern University for a combined fifteen years.

Moving to the Northwest in 1988, Ben founded Sherman Training. He balanced life as primary caregiver for his children and an active volunteer in his school, church, and community while working as a management and leadership trainer, consultant, facilitator, and speaker. Both on and off the job, Ben has spent most of his life standing in front of people teaching and telling stories.

His career came to a close with six years in a lifelong dream, teaching and directing theatre for a private high school.
Ben continues his writing and speaking engagements. He has served on community councils, professional and non-profit boards, and spent nine years serving on the Board of Trustees at his beloved Seabeck Conference Center.

​He has been married to his best friend, Gwen, for thirty-three years. They have two grown daughters.
Ben Sherman

Author - Raconteur

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