Screenplays by Ben Sherman

Year of Service

A TV Docudrama Pilot
Empowering future generations to lead and serve

Two thousand foot kites

helium balloon flights

BB guns

train runs

and garage fire fights

... such is the daily life of two normal boys growing up in a neighborhood dictated by moms who think they know what their sons are doing at all times.

The Hearing

Feature-length drama
If Lady Justice is blind,she needs to use all her other senses.

He resisted arrest, fought against fingerprinting, and now refuses to appear in his own defense. The man is guilty. Physical evidence corroborates testimonies. The judge needs only to hear the depositions and set a trial date. But, something isn’t right. Maybe it’s all just too easy. This courtroom drama tips the balanced scales of our judicial system.

This is the true story of a conscientious objector in the Vietnam War. Having his request for non-combatant service denied by his draft board, a college student is drafted and wages his moral values against the government and the military. Threatened with years of federal imprisonment, he stands his ground and is awarded reclassification as a medic. His unarmed and naïve race through a war zone at alarming speed and ever-present jeopardy is saved numerous times by the heroic interventions of his medical company sergeant, an unforgettable lifer named Smitty.

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Year of Service crews work in the field as if this future concept of one year of compulsory national service has already been passed and ratified. It is a hopeful future, and each weekly episode gives this culture-changing idea form and substance. Using reality TV as the vehicle, this is a vision that's time has come. But, instead of hard bodies faking trials on a deserted island, these real kids in real time revive a sense of duty and responsibility through community service.


A television pilot
Energetic boys grow up in a 1950’s neighborhood where the Mom Squad watches, but have no idea . . .

Tacoma Blues

A family comedy
Sometimes losing is easier than winning.

On her over-sized plastic-covered kitchen calendar with colored markers in her hands, Susan manages three other parents, five vehicles, six children  and their various activities. The dad’s AA baseball club, the Tacoma Blues, begin winning at the worst time - right when the kids have tournaments, recitals, meets, and tryouts for something “massively important” called Twist and Twirlers. A charming comedy.


Full feature dramatic film.

Screenplay by the author of the book of the same title, Random House, 2004.